Growth and Characterization of PbTe Thin-film through Solvo Thermal Method

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B. A. Ahuome
I. Adamu
M. A. Adamu
A. N. Baba-Kutigi


The research considered the Solvo-Thermal method of growing PbTe on non-conducting glass substrate. Cadmium Sulphide thin-film was deposited and used as the n-type absorber layer. On the internal parameters studied, the PbTe nano-film has thickness of  as measured through gravimetric analysis; the optical absorbance studied through the use of UV-750 Series spectrophotometer showed a stable absorbance within the visible wavelength (390 nm – 700 nm) and optical band gap energy of was obtained as extrapolated from the graph of  against . The I-V pattern were measured and plotted. The PbTe grown through this method therefore show a good Fill factor of  

Solvo thermal, PbTe, cadmium sulphide, optical band gap and fill-factor

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Ahuome, B. A., Adamu, I., Adamu, M. A., & Baba-Kutigi, A. N. (2019). Growth and Characterization of PbTe Thin-film through Solvo Thermal Method. Physical Science International Journal, 22(2), 1-5.
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