MODFLOW’s River Package: Part 2: Correction, Combining Analytical and Numerical Approaches

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Hubert J. Morel-Seytoux


Most widely used integrated hydrologic models still describe the flow interaction between streams and aquifers using primitive early concepts. In the previous article the shortcomings of the methodology were shown in great details. In this second part means are presented by which improvements can be introduced into the procedures.  Accuracy and numerical efficiency will be improved. The article describes in details the proposed alternatives for both the saturated and the unsaturated connections. In the article reference is made specifically to the code MODFLOW.  Most of the other integrated hydrologic models used for large-scale regional studies apply essentially the same methodology to estimate seepage.

Seepage, saturated/unsaturated connection, combined analytical-numerical techniques, leakance coefficient

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Morel-Seytoux, H. J. (2019). MODFLOW’s River Package: Part 2: Correction, Combining Analytical and Numerical Approaches. Physical Science International Journal, 22(3), 1-23.
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