Estimation of Growth Rate of Electromagnetic Plasma Wave through Vlasov-Maxwell Mathematical Frame in Ionospheric Plasma

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S. J. Gogoi
P. N. Deka


Unique forms of nonlinear wave energy exchange phenomena are observed in the Earth’sionosphere region. Energy upconversion of nonresonant plasma waves in the top ionospheric and auroral zone are noticed.Origin of these phenomena are tried to explained by linear andnonlinear theoretical approach.Wave-wave and wave-particle-wave interaction processes may be possible role takes place here.In this theoretical investigation we wish to derive probable growthrate expression of high frequency electromagnetic O-mode wave in the presence of low frequency electrostatic ion sound wave through wave-particle interaction process known as plasma maserinstability and estimate its value by using observational data.

Ionospheric plasma, O-mode, ion sound wave, plasma maser instability.

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Gogoi, S., & Deka, P. (2019). Estimation of Growth Rate of Electromagnetic Plasma Wave through Vlasov-Maxwell Mathematical Frame in Ionospheric Plasma. Physical Science International Journal, 23(3), 1-10.
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