Thermal Performance of a Receiver Located in the Caustic Area of a Cylindro-Parabolic Solar Concentrator

B. M. Pakouzou, M. S. T. Ky, S. T. Gbembongo, G. P. Ouedraogo, O. A. Mackpayen, B. Dianda, S. Kam, D. J. Bathiebo

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A Geophysical Investigation of a Solid Waste Landfill Using Vertical Electrical Sounding Method in Aluu Community, Rivers State, Nigeria

R. Bello, Nwafor J. Chinedu, Obute L. Chinyere, Abiona S. Olawuyi

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Mesoscopic RLC Circuit and Its Associated Occupation Number and Berry Phase

Eric Greenwood

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Multi-phonon Raman Scattering in GaAs/Al0.28Ga0.72As Super-lattice

Cheng Xing-Kui, Zhou Jun-Ming, Huang Qi, Yan Xun-Ling

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