Dr. Abhik Kumar Sanyal

I, Dr. Abhik Kumar Sanyal, am currently retired from the position of ‘Associate Professor in Physics’, Jangipur College, University of Kalyani, after rendering 37 years of service at the same academic institution. Currently, I am working in the field ‘Gravitation and Cosmology’, particularly in ‘Modified theories of gravity’, ‘Alternative theories of gravity’, ‘Inflation’, ‘Quantum Cosmology’ etc. Earlier, I had some works on ‘Fluid Dynamics’ too. I have 78 publications so far and 5 are under preparation. Five of my research students have already been awarded with the ‘Doctor of Philosophy’, while two others are preparing their dissertations for submission. So far, I have reviewed around 225 manuscripts which were submitted in prestigious journals, such as ‘Classical and Quantum Gravity’, Physica Scripta’, ‘New Journal of Physics’, ‘Physics of the dark universe’, ‘EPJC’, ‘MPLA’, ‘Z. Fur Nature’, ‘Few body systems’ and many more. I am a regular reviewer of ‘American Mathematical Society’ too. My profile may be found in different sites such as ‘Google Scholar, ‘Orchid’, ‘Web of Science’ etc.