Acceptance Letter

Manuscript no:2021/PSIJ/66662
Re-interpretation of the Two-World Background of Special Relativity as Four-World Background II


Manuscript no:2021/PSIJ/69012
Implementation of Coulomb Counting Method for Estimating the State of Charge of Lithium-Ion Battery


Manuscript no:2021/PSIJ/69702
Magnetoresistance Recovery in the Amorphous Dielectric Material SiCOH


Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/70185


Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/69580
High-frequency Coronal Discharge, Infrared Thermography and Visual Acuity Measurements of Bioelectromagnetic Influence


Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/69449
Shielding Effectiveness, Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of NiO/PCL Nano Composites at Microwave Frequency for Electronic Devices

 Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/71601
Dynamics of Multiple Slip and Thermal Radiation on Hydromagnetic Casson Nanofluid Flow over a Nonlinear Porous Stretchable Surface

 Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/72185
Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties of Stanene Doped Beryllium: A First Principle Study

 Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/70903
Depth of Space and Radius of the Electron

  Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/70435
A Review of the Bohr’s Model of Hydrogen Atom

   Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/72522
Self-Organization of Charged Particles in an Electric Field

Manuscript No:2021/JPRI/72295
Virtual screening, Molecular docking and pharmacophore modeling of phytoconstituents of flavones as Aldose reductase inhibitors


Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/72522
Self-Organization of Charged Particles in an Electric Field


 Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/72099
Energy packet floating in front of the wave beam” hybrid structure of photon and its self-interference in the single photon double-slits experiment

 Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/72254
Geophysical Delineation of Barite-Galena Mineralization Using Coupled Electrical Resistivity (ER) and Induced Polarization (IP) Techniques. A Case Study of Iyamitet, Cross River State, South-South, Nigeria

  Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/73508
Study on Radionuclides from Soil to Onion at Johor and Perak, Malaysia

   Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/74164
Experimental Study of Polyethylene Fusion by Scheffler Solar Concentrator

 Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/74760
Estimation of Atmospheric Turbidity Parameters in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

 Manuscript No:2021/PSIJ/75105
Natural Radionuclide Analysis on Crude Petroleum from Some Oil Fields in Ghana