Problem of Reduction of the Quantum State’s Vector

Yuriy N. Zayko *

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Stolypin Volga Region Institute, 410031, Saratov, Sobornaya st, 23/25, Russia

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This article presents an investigation of problem of quantum system state’s measurement by using an example of particles registered by a measuring device (screen). Some variants of R-procedure which is responsible for measurements are discussed. New variant of R-procedure is suggested. It is based on quantum description of measuring device (screen). In frame of this model R-procedure can be described as part of unitary evolution of the whole system “particle + screen”.


Keywords: U – evolution, R- procedure, quantum system, measuring, reduction of state’s vector

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N. Zayko, Yuriy. 2014. “Problem of Reduction of the Quantum State’s Vector”. Physical Science International Journal 4 (6):903-11.


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