Study on Nonlinear Ion-acoustic Solitary Wave Phenomena in Slow Rotating Plasma

G. C. Das *

Department of Mathematics, Manipur University, Imphal-795003, India AND Mathematical Sciences Division, Institute of Advance Study in Science and Technology, Guwahati -781035, India

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Nonlinear waves have been an important subject in the field of astroplasmas under the action of Coriolis force because of rotation could be the progenitor of many heuristic feature on waves. Our main interest is to study the nonlinear ion-acoustic wave in a rotating plasma. Pseudopotential analysis has been used to derive the Sagdeev-like wave equation which, in turn, becomes the tool to study the different nature of nonlinear plasma waves. Special methods have been developed successfully to derive different kinds of solitary wave solutions. Main emphasis has been given to the interaction of Coriolis force to the changes of coherent structures of solitary waves e.g. Compressive and rarefactive solitary waves along with their explosions or collapses. It has shown that the variation of rotation affects the nonlinear wave modes and causeway exhibits shock waves, double layers, sinh-wave, and formation of sheath structure in dynamical system. It has shown that the rotation, however small in magnitude, generates a narrow wave packet with the generation of high energy therein which, in turn, yields the phenomena of radiating soliton. It finds that the Coriolis force might be the cause in blowing up the ion-acoustic pulses and could be related the phenomena of solar burst. Thus the work has the potential interest to study the nonlinear waves in astroplasmas where in Coriolis force is present with a view to rekindle the soliton dynamics in space plasmas.

Keywords: Nonlinear wave, solitons, shock wave, double layers, coriolis force

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C. Das, G. (2014). Study on Nonlinear Ion-acoustic Solitary Wave Phenomena in Slow Rotating Plasma. Physical Science International Journal, 4(4), 542–564.


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