Effect of Silver Nanoparticles Ink on Cerium Titanium Oxide Thin Films

Cliff Orori Mosiori *

Department of Mathematics and Physics, Technical University of Mombasa, P.O.Box 90420 – 80100 Mombasa, Kenya.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Wide band gap technology has its challenges. However, such materials include CeTiO2 are known to have a wide band gap of about 3.55 eV. The effort is now directed towards CeTiO2 thin-films by incorporating nanoparticles. Finding wide band gap materials that are both transparent to visible light and electrically conductive for today’s popular devices has now grown it investigating silver naopartilces (Ag NPs) for potential tuning of band gap. In this work, silver nanoparticles were used to dope CeTiO2. To generate CexAg0.02xTiO2, pure cerium oxide, silver metal and titanium dioxide composites were used and it was observed that its thin films possess higher absorption coefficients with a tunable optical band gap varying between 3.42 - 3.78 eV suitable for wide band gap optical applications.

Keywords: CeTiO2, composite, CexAg0.02xTiO2 thin films, laser radiation.

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Mosiori, Cliff Orori. 2018. “Effect of Silver Nanoparticles Ink on Cerium Titanium Oxide Thin Films”. Physical Science International Journal 19 (2):1-6. https://doi.org/10.9734/PSIJ/2018/38745.


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