An Experimental Study to Examine the Curved Spacetime Using Magnetic Fields

C. G. Sim *

Department of Computer Applied Mechanical Engineering, University of Chungbuk Health and Science, CheongJu 28150, South Korea.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The curvature of spacetime represented by Einstein field equation has many physical implications, including gravity. As light is deflected by the curvature of spacetime, a magnetic field will also be influenced by the curved spacetime. A permanent magnet is generally known to maintain its persistent magnetic field on the ground as long as there is no external magnetic interference. However, a series of experiments find that there are noticeable changes in the magnetic fields distribution while the permanent magnet rotates. The magnetic field lines of the permanent magnet are deflected towards Earth’s centre, implying a possibility that we can use magnetic field, a more efficient tool than a satellite, to measure the curvature of spacetime. However, comparing the experimental results of this study with theoretically obtained values of the curvature of spacetime remains a vast area of research for future studies.

Keywords: Curved spacetime, magnetic field, gravity.

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Sim, C. G. (2018). An Experimental Study to Examine the Curved Spacetime Using Magnetic Fields. Physical Science International Journal, 18(3), 1–8.


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