Mechanical Perspective on the Rotational Doppler Shift of a Single Photon

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Roberto Lozano


A theoretical model that relates the rotational Doppler shift of a photon and the rotational velocity of the lenses traversed by the beam of light, is presented. The mathematical relation, which is resolved in the context of a four-dimensional Minkowski flat spacetime and Cartesian coordinates, relates the rotational Doppler effect of a circularly polarized electromagnetic wave, caused by the transfer of spin angular momentum from a rotating object (lenses), with the coordinate acceleration of the rotating object, in the counter-propagating direction in which the photons move, and its angular velocity. From the analysis of the solved equation, it can be considered the generated coordinate acceleration and the theoretical possibility that it was obtained from the mechanical energy of a rotating object traversed by a beam of light, which, in turn, would generate a coordinate acceleration difference in the parallel and counter-propagating direction in which the photons move.

Spin angular momentum, coordinate acceleration, photon, rotational doppler effect.

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Lozano, R. (2020). Mechanical Perspective on the Rotational Doppler Shift of a Single Photon. Physical Science International Journal, 24(10), 62-67.
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