Information’s Relativistic Convey with Matter Wave’s Non-Dispersive Propagation

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Wang Xinye


The Wave-Particle Duality is a basic property of microscopic particles. As a basic concept of quantum mechanics, the wave-particle duality theory from elementary particles to big molecules had been verified by lots of experiments. Different from electromagnetic wave, the matter wave’s propagation is not only fast but also adjustable. According to the special relativity theory, the group velocity with which the overall envelope shape of the wave, namely the related particle’s propagation and information convey speed is changeable with its energy and related wavelength, among which only the energy exceeds over the minimum value, the propagation can be starting and the velocity is not allowed to surpass the maximum value i.e. the light speed in vacuum. Take electron as an example, if the free electron beam gains energy higher than around 8.187×10ˉᴵ⁴J and the related wavelength is shorter than around 5.316×10ˉ³nm, the matter wave with information can start to propagate.  

Matter wave, wave-particle duality, group velocity, non-dispersive propagation, relativistic convey.

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Xinye, W. (2020). Information’s Relativistic Convey with Matter Wave’s Non-Dispersive Propagation. Physical Science International Journal, 24(11), 1-4.
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