Computer Modeling of Properties of Superparticles

Obikhod Tetiana *

Institute for Nuclear Research, NAS of Ukraine, 03680 Kiev, Ukraine

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The properties of superparticles within Constrained Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (CMSSM) using experimental data obtained at the LHC were studied. The first run of the LHC made it possible the selection of experimental data for purposeful SUSY searches at energies of 13 TeV. Measurements of masses of Higgs boson and top quark, which led to a conclusion about instability of electroweak vacuum, searches for missing transverse energy and charged superparticles, the mass of Higgs boson predicted by SUSY model are good indicators for determining of the four SUSY searches scenarios. Within CMSSM model with the help of computer programs SDECAY and PYTHIA 8.2 were calculated masses, decay widths, cross section for production of superparticles at the center of mass energy of 13 TeV and 33 TeV. The obtained data allow to conclude about the increasing of the production cross section of the superparticles at higher energies and provide the prediction of the most important decay channels of light superparticles. These results give concrete predictions for further SUSY searches at the LHC.


Keywords: Superparticles, constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model, Higgs boson, electroweak vacuum, production cross section

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Tetiana, Obikhod. 2017. “Computer Modeling of Properties of Superparticles”. Physical Science International Journal 13 (3):1-7.


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