Electron Diffraction Study of CuGaS2 Film

Mubariz Nuriyev *

Faculty of Engineering, Nakhchivan State University, Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan, AZ7000, Azerbaijan

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


In present work, the results of electron diffraction investigations of structures of amorphous thin films of CuGaS2have been given and function of radial distribution of atoms (FRDA) has been calculated. Appropriate coordination number n = 4,1  we obtained from calculating the area  under the first peak , also indicates tetrahedral surrounded by atoms of copper and gallium. During the deposition of this ternary compound on a substrate with T = 423-433 Kthe mixture of polycrystalline single crystal is formed. With the increase of temprature the intensivity of polycrystallines decreases and point reflections according to the monocrystal increases. Further increase of the substrate temperature to 453 K LiF leads to the formation of a perfect single crystal.

Superstructure phase CuGaS2 is orientedon (100) plane parallel to the faces LiF. During epitaxial growth on LiF CuGaS2 one unit cell superstructure is mated with four cells of the substrate. Between periods of lattices of the initial phase and superstructurethere are simple relations common with: a ≈ 3a0; c≈ 2c0. 


Keywords: Diffraction, phase, atoms, structure, superstructure, amorphous, compositions

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Nuriyev, Mubariz. 2014. “Electron Diffraction Study of CuGaS2 Film”. Physical Science International Journal 5 (3):165-71. https://doi.org/10.9734/PSIJ/2015/12881.


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