Analysis of Electron Correlation in the Modified Single-band Hubbard Model

Edison A. Enaibe

Department of Physics, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, P.M.B. 1221, Effurun, Nigeria

Akpata Erhieyovwe *

Department of Physics, University of Benin, P.M.B. 1154, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Nelson Nenuwe

Department of Physics, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, P.M.B. 1221, Effurun, Nigeria

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The major characteristic of the single-band Hubbard model (HM) is to redistribute electrons at a uniform lattice separation distance within the molecular lattice. Hence, it is only linearly dependent on lattice separations distance. Thus the single-band Hubbard model does not consider the lattice gradient encountered by interacting electrons as they hop from one lattice point to another. The linear dependence of the single-band HM only on lattice separations would certainly not provide a thorough understanding of the interplay between interacting electrons. Consequently, we have in this study developed a gradient Hamiltonian model to solve the associated defects pose by the limitations of the single band Hubbard model. Thus, we utilized the single-band HM and the gradient Hamiltonian model to study the behaviour of two interacting electrons on a two dimensional (2D) 9X9 square lattice.  It is revealed in this study that the results of the ground-state energies produced by the gradient Hamiltonian model are more favourable when compared to those of the single-band Hubbard model. We have also shown in this work, that the repulsive Coulomb interaction which in part leads to the strong electronic correlations, would indicate that the two electron system prefer not to condense into s-wave superconducting singlet state (s = 0), at high positive values of the interaction strength.

Keywords: Gradient hamiltonian model, correlation time, single-band Hubbard model, ground-state energy, interacting electrons, variational parameters

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A. Enaibe, Edison, Akpata Erhieyovwe, and Nelson Nenuwe. 2016. “Analysis of Electron Correlation in the Modified Single-Band Hubbard Model”. Physical Science International Journal 10 (1):1-13.


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