Plasmas Computed with ATMED CR of the 3rd Non-LTE Code Comparison Workshop Database

A. J. Benita *

Plasma Atomic Physics Group, Madrid Polytechnic University, 28006, Madrid, Spain and Department of Physics, Las Palmas Canary Islands University, 35017, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


In this paper, there are presented some results calculated with ATMED CR of the 3rd Non-LTE Code Comparison Workshop held in December 2003, when this software didn’t exist, having been released in 2017. NLTE population kinetics codes were tested of steady-state cases for C, Al, Ar, Ge, Xe and Au plasmas selected for detailed comparisons. The scope of the meeting consisted of analyzing steady-state dense plasma cases of carbon, low temperature plasmas of aluminium and argon, X-ray laser experiments of germanium also with imposing a Planckian radiation field, medium- and high-Z multicharged ions of hot “experiment-related” plasmas of xenon, using real electron temperature and density parameters inferred from electronic and ionic Thomson scattering spectra and finally plasmas of gold. Being motivated by germanium X-ray laser experiments, the time history of electronic temperature Te and density Ne for a temporal dependent case is provided in Workshop NLTE-3. The calculation with ATMED CR has been carried out to t = 1.975 ns considering the non-uniform time grid along with the corresponding values of Te and Ne presented, being the initial condition LTE at low temperature. 

The results for plasma properties can be considered as relatively precise and optimal, being checked fundamentally the high sensitivity of calculations to changes in regime, local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE) or non-LTE (NLTE), electronic and radiation temperatures, electronic density and the percentage of hot electrons. Frequency resolved and mean opacities are also displayed computed with ATMED CR using UTA (Unresolved Transition Array) or Mixed UTA formalisms.

Keywords: Screened hydrogenic atomic model, collisional radiative average atom code, plasmas of NLTE-3 workshop.

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Benita, A. J. 2019. “Plasmas Computed With ATMED CR of the 3rd Non-LTE Code Comparison Workshop Database”. Physical Science International Journal 22 (1):1-44.


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