The Big Bang or the Conductivity of the Interstellar Space

Libor Neumann *

Brdičkova 1910, 155 00 Prague 5 – Lužiny, Czech Republic.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Based on the non-zero conductivity hypothesis of the interstellar space, an alternative cosmological model called “Knowledge spherocone“ is formulated. Its significant feature is the ultimate size of a scientifically recognizable universe. It also formulated the hypothesis of ageing light in interstellar space, and calculated the approximate value of skin depth of light in interstellar space. Part of the article is a discussion of the consistency of the formulated cosmological model with experimentally verified physical laws.The text is complemented by analyses of the Big Bang theory conflict with experimentally verified physical laws and internal inconsistencies of Big Bang theory.

Keywords: Big bang theory, cosmology, red shift, cosmic microwave background radiation, conductivity of universe, ageing light, heating interstellar material

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Neumann, Libor. 2019. “The Big Bang or the Conductivity of the Interstellar Space”. Physical Science International Journal 23 (1):1-23.


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