On the Synergic Relationships between Special Relativity and Quantum Theories

E. Comay *

Charactell Ltd., P.O.Box 39019, Tel-Aviv, 61390, Israel.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The successful results of the relativistic form of a quantum field theory that is derived from aLagrangian density justify its general usage. The significance of the Euler-Lagrange equations of a quantum particle is analysed. Many advantages of this approach, like abiding by the conservation laws of energy, momentum, angular momentum, and charge are well known. The merits of this approach also include other properties that are still not well known. For example, it is shown that a quantum function of the form ψ(t, r) describes a pointlike particle. Furthermore, the Lagrangian density and the Hamiltonian density take a different relativistic form – the Lagrangian density is a Lorentz scalar, whereas the Hamiltonian density is the T00 component of the energy-momentum tensor. It is proved that inconsistencies in the electroweak theory stem from negligence of the latter point.

Keywords: Special relativity, quantum fields, the variational principle, Noether theorem.

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Comay, E. 2020. “On the Synergic Relationships Between Special Relativity and Quantum Theories”. Physical Science International Journal 24 (6):34-43. https://doi.org/10.9734/psij/2020/v24i630197.


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