Refutation of the Quantum Theory Principles: Theorem

V. E. Shapiro *

Vancouver BC, Canada

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The theorem presented challenges the quantum mechanics and its relativistic theory generally posited as an ultimate unifying guideline of nature in fundamental and applied matters, refutes this theory, any bridges from it to the realm. We build the evidence on the rigorous statistical criteria
and arguments of compatibility at the interfaces not adduced previously against the theory. It calls in question the Born rule, particle-wave doublethink, probability sense of the quantum theory, any bridges from the theory to both Lagrangian and nonholonomic mechanics. The argumentation given to the matter of ambient noise impact at the interfaces by meaningful statistical methods paves the way towards the correct principles of causality, connectedness, robustness .

Keywords: Quantum mechanics, Statistical mechanics, Quantum relativistic theory, Vortex physics.

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Shapiro, V. E. 2020. “Refutation of the Quantum Theory Principles: Theorem”. Physical Science International Journal 24 (9):1-7.


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