A Review and Revisit of Newton’s Law and Gravitational Constant Derivations

Curtis J. Forsythe *

21204 East 173rd Street, Pleasant Hill, Missouri 64080, USA.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This paper is a review of, and complement to, my original papers previously published in Physics Essays [1] and ViXra [2]. While the derivations and results pertinent to this review are unchanged, a possible extension of the proposed model as it relates to the derivation of G and to G-experimental is explored and presented in the attached addendum.

Herein, as proposed in my previous papers, is a theoretical model of Universal Gravitation based upon hypothetical mass/energy resonance waves, the intensities of which I propose to be casually analogous with those of electromagnetic waves. Using said model, I derive the expressed Newtonian law of gravitation from which an apparent Newtonian gravitational constant factors as a combination of other physical constants, yielding a primary G-value of  6.662936 x 10-11m3/kg s2, shown by extension to yield a secondary result that correlates well with the 2018 recommended value.  A second resultant of the proposal is a demonstration that the quantum energy states of the hydrogen atom appear related to the length of these waves, shown equal to twice the ground state orbital radius in a Bohr hydrogen atom.  Additionally determined, independently of any experimental G-value, are values for the Planck mass, length, and time.

Keywords: Universal gravitation, Newtonian constant of gravitation, mass/energy resonance waves, quantum energy states, Bohr radius, Planck mass, Planck length

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Forsythe, C. J. (2020). A Review and Revisit of Newton’s Law and Gravitational Constant Derivations. Physical Science International Journal, 24(8), 29–37. https://doi.org/10.9734/psij/2020/v24i830207


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