The Case Studies of PtX2 (X = As, P) as High Thermo-power Materials

Adewumi I. Popoola *

Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, PMB 704 Akure, Nigeria.

Adebayo T. Adepoju

Department of Physics, Federal University of Agriculture, PMB 2373 Markudi, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


For thermoelectric applications, semiconductors are generally better than metals and insulators. PtAs2 and PtP2 are indirect energy gap semiconductors that have been predicted with high thermo-powers (PtP2 having higher thermopower than PtAs2). The crystal structure and the electronic structure of PtAs2 and PtP2 are similar except for the energy band gap of PtP2 that is wider than that of PtAs2. The generalized gradient approximation of the Density Functional Theory (DFT), the Density Functional Perturbation Theory (DFPT) were used to explore the full elastic tensors, phonon dispersion and the thermodynamics of PtP2 and PtAs2. This was done to understand the link, if any, between high thermo-power materials and the results. The two compounds are dynamically and elastically stable with higher mechanical properties recorded for PtP2 over PtAs2. The calculated entropy, vibration free energy and the heat capacity at constant volume for PtAs2 (PtP2) were 354.51 (264.18) J/K; -9.21 (27.84) kJ and 276.04 (250.36) J/K at 300 K respectively. The low frequency acoustic modes are between 100 - 170 cm-1 for PtAs2 while it is between100 - 190 cm-1 for PtP2. The calculated high frequency transverse optical (TO) mode for PtP2 is 410 cm-1 while it is 250 cm-1 for PtAs2.  Further analysis of the phonons spectrum showed that additional bond-bending modes can be created in PtP2 than in PtAs2.  All the results points toward PtP2 as better material over PtAs2 for thermoelectric application and these, with or without the knowledge of the energy bandgap can serve to guide material selection/modelling.

Keywords: Elastic, vibrational, thermodynamic, DFT, stability, band gap, phonon

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Popoola, A. I., & Adepoju, A. T. (2021). The Case Studies of PtX2 (X = As, P) as High Thermo-power Materials. Physical Science International Journal, 25(2), 26–36.


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