Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Quantum Gravity

W. F. Chagas-Filho *

Physics Department, Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Loop Quantum Gravity is a theory that attempts to describe the quantum mechanics of the gravitational field based on the canonical quantization of General Relativity. According to Loop Quantum Gravity, in a gravitational field, geometric quantities such as area and volume are quantized in terms of the Planck length. In this paper we present the basic ideas for a future, mathematically more rigorous, attempt to combine black holes and gravitational waves using the quantization of geometric quantities introduced by Loop Quantum Gravity.

Keywords: General relativity, loop quantum gravity, Schwarzschild spacetime, gravitational waves, Planck scale, best regards

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Chagas-Filho, W. F. 2021. “Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Quantum Gravity”. Physical Science International Journal 25 (9):1-11.


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