Entropic Information Theory: Formulae and Quantum Gravity Bits from Bit

Olivier Denis *

Director of Research at Entropic Information Space, 13 Rue Joseph Nicolas 4300 Waremme, Belgium.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


We show here that entropic information is capable of unifying all aspects of the universe at all scales in a coherent and global theoretical mathematical framework materialized by entropic information framework, theory and formulas, where dark matter, dark energy and gravity are truly informationals processes and where information is code and code is what creates the process, it is itself the process. Mass, energy and movement of information are respectively dark matter, dark energy, and gravity. Here, we reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics by introducing quantum gravity for the Planckian scale. The formulas of entropic information are expressed in natural units, physical units of measurement based only on universal constants, constants, which refer to the basic structure of the laws of physics:  C and G are part of the structure of space-time in general relativity, and h captures the relationship between energy and frequency that is the basis of quantum mechanics. Here we show that entropic information formulas are able to present entropic information in various unifying aspects and introduce gravity at the Planck scale. We prove that Entropic information theory is thus building the bridge between general relativity and quantum mechanics

Keywords: Information, general relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum gravity, dark matter, dark energy, universal physics constants, entropic information, unification, theory of everything, grand unified theory.

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Denis, O. (2021). Entropic Information Theory: Formulae and Quantum Gravity Bits from Bit. Physical Science International Journal, 25(9), 23–30. https://doi.org/10.9734/psij/2021/v25i930281


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