Image Content Enhancement of Natural Images Using Genetic Algorithm

Chaahat . *

Department of Computer Science, MIET, J and K, India

Santoresh Kumari

Department of MCA, MIET, J and K, India

Parveen Lehana

Department of Physics and Electronics, University of Jammu, Jammu, J and K, India

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Image contents play a vital role in various images. In this paper, genetic algorithm has been investigated for the content enhancement of the natural images. The algorithm was effective as the contents of the images became clear with the successive iterations. The algorithm was applied on the image for 1000 random DNAs with successive iterations. The analysis of the results showed that the contents of processed images were enhanced with the successive iterations with respect to the unprocessed input images. For comparison, the preliminary investigations were also carried out by comparing the results of enhancement of the images using GA and other techniques such as used in Photoshop. The analysis showed that for obtaining a comparable quality using other techniques such as Photoshop, a lot of manual adjustments of brightness, colour, and contrast are needed to get an enhanced image.


Keywords: Digital image processing, genetic algorithm, DNA, image quality, content enhancement

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., Chaahat, Santoresh Kumari, and Parveen Lehana. 2014. “Image Content Enhancement of Natural Images Using Genetic Algorithm”. Physical Science International Journal 4 (9):1244-59.


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