If We Postulate Atomic and ± Subatomic Particles are Size Particles and Satisfy the Schrodinger Equation, what will be the Inferences?

Sennian Chen *

Department of Physics, (National) Hua Qiao University, Fujian, P. R. China.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


In quantum mechanics, atomic and subatomic particles are treated as waves. The idea of wave function and wave function collapse brought us great success but left us different opinions. Is there a way it can avoid the different opinions and give us more? We try to postulate directly that these particles are size particles and satisfy the Schrodinger equation. Start from the general solution of free particle’s Schrodinger equation, we will prove: (i) To satisfy the Schrodinger equation, the size particle must possess a circular polarized structure of the plane vector(a complex number)like the electric vector E in the circular polarized light; its modular is mass density. (ii) These particles fall into two categories: they have the same sign of negative charge e or positive charge e, but different directions of mass density and charged helices, like left handed electron and right handed electron etc. (iii) The spin of the particle has its mechanism, it is formed by the motion of the helices structure of mass plus intrinsic self rotation. (iv) Negative charge e (or positive charge e) distributes double helically on the particle side boundary. It produces and carries a circular polarized electric field E with the same velocity of the particle. It forms a circular polarized E-wave. This wave will be proved is just the de Broglie wave and the E-wave function is just the particle’s state function in quantum mechanics. Such charged particle is consisted of the particle itself and the de Broglie wave; they form a particle-wave hybrid structure. The E- wave exhibits all possible states with possibility in the atom, molecule or interference pattern; as for the particle itself, it cannot split into two or move with two velocity at the same time. It can only locate at one basic state any moment, such as in an eigen state of the atom or at a point in the interference pattern. It is the self-interference of the hybrid structure of the particle makes the one after one single particle form double-slits interference.

Keywords: Circular polarized structure, inertia vector, particle-wave hybrid structure, self-interference of the particle-wave hybrid structure

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Chen, Sennian. 2021. “If We Postulate Atomic and ± Subatomic Particles Are Size Particles and Satisfy the Schrodinger Equation, What Will Be the Inferences?”. Physical Science International Journal 25 (7):22-29. https://doi.org/10.9734/psij/2021/v25i730269.


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