Non-wave Solutions of the Maxwell-Einstein Equations

Yuriy N. Zayko *

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Stolypin Volga Region Institute, Russia, 410031, Saratov, Sobornaya St, 23/25, Russia

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This article is devoted to treating of non-wave, i.e. instanton solution for the Maxwell-Einstein equations. Equations for the field of instanton and metric are derived. Metric of pseudo-Euclid space which is corresponding to transition between degenerate classical vacua of problem and is connected with presence at the space infinity divergent and convergent spherical electromagnetic waves is studied. An expression of the instanton is received and it’s size is found. Value of pseudo-Euclid action is calculated. It is shown that instanton violates so called “week energetic condition” which is essential for space-time singularities proving.


Keywords: Instanton, pseudo-Euclid space, classical vacuum, pseudo-Euclid action

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N. Zayko, Y. (2014). Non-wave Solutions of the Maxwell-Einstein Equations. Physical Science International Journal, 4(9), 1280–1292.


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