Entropic Information & Black Hole: Black Hole Information Entropy The Missing Link

Olivier Denis *

13 Rue Joseph Nicolas 4300 Waremme , Belgium.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Understanding the ‘Area Law,’ in regards to the black hole entropy, based on an underlying fundamental theory has been one of the goals pursued by all models of quantum gravity. In black hole thermodynamics, black hole entropy is a measure of uncertainty or lack of information about the actual internal configuration of the system. The Bekenstein bound corresponds to the interpretation in terms of bits of information of a given physical system down to the quantum level. However, at present, it is not known which microstates are counted by the entropy of black holes. Here, i show that the new formulation of entropic information approach, based on the bit of information gives an explanation of information processes involved in calculating entropy on missing information from black holes as well as down to the quantum level. Moreover, this formulation of entropic information constitutes a new coherent global mathematical framework candidate to be the Grand Unification Theory; with information as the ultimate building block of universe.

Keywords: Information, entropy, entropic information, black hole, quantum gravity, Bekenstein bound, bits, grand unification theory

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Denis, O. (2022). Entropic Information & Black Hole: Black Hole Information Entropy The Missing Link. Physical Science International Journal, 26(1), 20–34. https://doi.org/10.9734/psij/2022/v26i130304


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