Form Space: A New Understanding of Space in the Theory of Relativity [Shorter] Form Space in the Theory of Relativity

Runsheng Tu *

National Special Steel Quality Products Supervision and Inspection Centre, P. R., China.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


What is the physical mechanism by which space contracts due to motion? Theory of relativity is reluctant to answer this question. The reason is that this physical mechanism threatens the principle of relativity. The side effects of theoretical mathematical form system have not been reported. This side effect is mainly the proliferation of mathematical formal concepts (and/or conclusions) that violate mathematical logic and do not correspond to facts. Through a series of thought experiments, it reveals the spatial difficult related to concept proliferation that have never been reported in the special theory of relativity — There is a logical contradiction in the concept of "when mutual observation, always is observed ruler shortening". The existence of such contradictions or spatial difficulties is a side effect of the above. According to the relation of mass-velocity of relativity and quantum mechanics, the conclusion that the moving object shrinks in all directions due to the motion is deduced. Deeper understanding of space time is provided and it is exposed that the areas of further research topic on the space time continuum and their role in the proper understanding of relativity theory.

Keywords: Mathematical formal system of physics theory, concept proliferation, formal space, spatial paradox, negative effect of mathematical formal system, difficult of spatial contraction mechanism

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Tu, Runsheng. 2021. “Form Space: A New Understanding of Space in the Theory of Relativity [Shorter] Form Space in the Theory of Relativity”. Physical Science International Journal 25 (11):34-46.


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