About Nature of Nuclear Forthes

Boris V. Vasiliev *

141980, Pontecorvo str, 17-408, Dubna, Russia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


After the discovery of the proton-neutron composition of nuclei, the problem of nuclear forces nature became especially urgent.
Nowadays, nuclear forces are explained by the action of a special strong interaction that occurs when nuclear nucleons exchange special particles - gluons.
This article proves that the attraction between protons and neutrons can be explained by the well-known quantum mechanical effect, which was first described about a hundred years ago. This is the attraction between two protons that occurs when they are exchanged by electron (in this case relativistic). This makes it possible, abandoning the gluon model, to obtain quantitative estimates of the magnitude of the mass defect of both light
and heavy nuclei.

Keywords: Proton, neutron, nuclear forth, electron, light nuclei, heavy nuclei, defect of mass

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