The Unsustainable Resistance to Disruptive Physics and a New Look at Cosmology and Thermodynamics

Nilo Silvio Costa Serpa *

Centro Universit ´ ario ICESP, Bras´ılia, Brazil and Universit ´e des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, France.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This article performs a synthesis of two disruptive theories that seek to describe the ultimate nature of the universe. The first deals with the physical continuity of the expansion of the four-dimensional cosmic woof. The second describes the expansion energy of the continuum with the aid of a Lagrangian approach to the intrinsic thermodynamics assumed. The proposal intends to fill the gap between the continuous and discontinuous
images of the universe, discussing topics as follows:
1. Continuity in physics; 2. Space-time; 3. Entropy; 4. Thermal expansion of the universe.

The explanatory content is organized like this:
1 Introduction — familiarization of the reader with the philosophy of the proposed theories and presentation of the general purposes;

2 How the expansion of the space-time continuum works — the theory of ever-expanding space-time (the continuous physic expansion of the cosmos), i. e., expanding regardless of the space-time scale considered, including in sub-Planckian domains;
3 Understanding entropy — entropy and its role in paralel with time; introduction of the Lagrangian formalism coupling time and energy;
4 The synthesis itself — the connection of the two theories and its structuring meaning.

Keywords: Cosmology, thermodynamics, space-time, scale, energy, entropy

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Serpa, N. S. C. (2022). The Unsustainable Resistance to Disruptive Physics and a New Look at Cosmology and Thermodynamics. Physical Science International Journal, 26(9-10), 35–41.


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