The Emergent Entangled Informational Universe

Olivier Denis *

Entropic Information Space, 13 Rue Joseph Nicolas 4300, Waremme, Belgium.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The dream of capturing the workings of the entire universe in a single equation or a simple set of equations is still pursued. A set of five new equivalent formulations of entropy based on the introduction of the mass of the information bit in Louis de Broglie's hidden thermodynamics and on the physicality of information, is proposed, within the framework of the emergent entangled informational universe model, which is based on the principle of strong emergence, the mass-energy-information equivalence principle and the Landauer’s principle. This model can explain various process as informational quantum processes such energy, dark matter, dark energy, cosmological constant and vacuum energy. The dark energy is explained as a collective potential of all particles with their individual zero-point energy emerging from an informational field, distinct from the usual fields of matter of quantum field theory, associated with dark matter as having a finite and quantifiable mass; while resolving the black hole information paradox by calculating the entropy of the entangled Hawking radiation, and shedding light on gravitational fine-grained entropy of black holes. This model explains the collapse of the wave function by the fact that a measure informs the measurer about the system to be measured and, this model is able to invalidate the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics and the simulation hypothesis.

Keywords: Entropy, black hole, dark matter, dark energy, quantum gravity, collapse, information paradox, cosmological constant

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