Basic Laws of EM Theory

Branko Mišković *

Independent, Novi Sad, Serbia

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Instead of electric charge, as the basic substance of EM theory, its static potential, as some energetic fluid, in the dielectric, non-resistive and reactive medium, is here taken as the starting quantity. All the remaining EM quantities are thus defined in the succession, by the standard differential equations, with algebraic relations and central laws derived as their formal consequences. Not only that majority of the former results are confirmed, but some of them are completed, rationally interpreted and mutually related. On the other hand, a few formal concepts appear as inadequate or excessive at least.


Keywords: EM theory, differential equations, algebraic relations, central laws

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Mišković, B. (2014). Basic Laws of EM Theory. Physical Science International Journal, 4(10), 1413–1426.


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