Direct Numerical Simulation of Mixed Convection Flow in Lid-Driven Cavities

Noura Ben Mansour *

Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Baha University, 65779-7738 Alaqiq, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ridha Jmai

Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics, Physics Department, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Campus Universitaire, 2092 El-Manar II, Tunisia and Al Baha Private College of Science, 3347 6615, Al Bahah 65724, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The mixed convection of heat transfer and fluid flow in a - lid drivencubical cavity filled with air is investigated numerically in this study. The computational procedure is based on the finite volume method and a full multigrid acceleration solver. The top wall of the cavity is maintained at a constant high temperature - Th, and it can move with a constant velocity U0. The bottom wall is immobile and maintained at a cold temperature Tc. While, the remaining boundary parts of the cavity are motionless and kept thermally insulated. Several numerical simulations were conducted to investigate mixed convection heat transfer in a sliding cubical cavity for a range of Reynolds numbers from 1000 to 5000 and Richardson numbers from 0.001 to 10. The influence of mixed convection parameters, Reynolds number, Richardson number, and heat transfer rate on the flow behavior was analyzed through parametric studies. The results include flow and heat transfer characteristics, iso-surfaces, and streamlines for the entire range of Richardson numbers and Reynolds numbers investigated. The study shows that as Reynolds number is increased beyond a critical value, the flow becomes unstable and bifurcates.

Keywords: Mixed convection, Richardson number, lid-driven cavity

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Mansour, Noura Ben, and Ridha Jmai. 2024. “Direct Numerical Simulation of Mixed Convection Flow in Lid-Driven Cavities”. Physical Science International Journal 28 (3):50-65.


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