Comparison of the Decomposition of Static Interquark Potential in SU(3) Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics

Chitra Kandpal *

Kumaun University, Nainital-263001, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


We study the decomposition of interquark potential and quantitatively compare the utility of V(r) \(\approx\) Vabel (r) + Voffdiag (r) and V(r) \(\approx\) Vmon(r) + Vmod(r) by calculating respective average relative deviation. We also study the slope of Vabel(r) and compare it with the slope of original SU(3) interquark potential over large distances so that we can study their exact confinement behavior. Remarkably, we found that for 244 lattice at \(\beta\) = 6.0, the sum of potentials Vmon(r) + Vmod(r)  matches the original interquark potential V(r) more than Vabel(r) + Voffdiag(r). Comparing our results we found that perfect Abelian dominance is not seem to satisfy even for sufficiently large physical spatial volume (approximately larger than(2fm)3).

Keywords: Quark confinement, dual superconductor picture, monopole, abelian projection, maximally abelian gauge, interquark potential, abelian dominance, string tension, lattice QCD

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Kandpal, Chitra. 2024. “Comparison of the Decomposition of Static Interquark Potential in SU(3) Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics”. Physical Science International Journal 28 (4):52-56.


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