2023 - Volume 27 [Issue 6]

Short Research Article

Effect of Temperature on the Radial Distribution Function of Atoms in the Silicate Glass 2sio2·PBO

M. E. Tursunov , A. T. Dekhkanov , G. Abdurakhmanov

DOI: 10.9734/psij/2023/v27i6805

Page: 1-4

Original Research Article

Impurity Bands and Density of State in Doped Silicate Glasses with Metal Oxides (RuO2, CuO, MnO2)

G. Abdurakhmanov, A. Dekhkanov, M. Tursunov, D. Tashmukhamedova

DOI: 10.9734/psij/2023/v27i6806

Page: 5-15

Assessment of Soil Pollution by Heavy Metals in the Market Gardening Areas of Korsimoro

Tougma Kiswendsida Alain, Bambara Telado Luc , Doumounia Ali , Inoussa Zongo, François Zougmoré

DOI: 10.9734/psij/2023/v27i6807

Page: 16-24

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