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Decoherence Induced by a Quenching Driven Field on the Motion of a Single Electron

L. C. Fai, M. Tchoffo, J. T. Diffo, G. C. Fouokeng

Physical Science International Journal, Page 267-282

We investigate the motion of an electron in a one dimensional crystal coupled to an EMF potential, driven by an external force which is continuously switched on and off. The Shannon entropy and the thermodynamic parameters of the system are evaluated using the density matrix and the statistical sum, through the Feynman path integral method. The coupling with the system and its environment (modelised here by the quenching field) inducing decoherence. That effect is reduced when the magnetic confinement frequency increases.


Open Access Original Research Article

Theoretical Analysis of EXAFS Spectra of Copper (II) amino Acid Using IFEFFIT Method

Ashutosh Mishra, Samrath Ninama

Physical Science International Journal, Page 283-291

A Theoretical approach for studying the structure of copper (II) amino acid complexes have been carried out using extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS). The fine structure of the complexes was done for six copper (II) amino complexes. The theoretical bond lengths of the complexes were calculated by using interactive fitting of EXAFS using fast Fourier inverse transformation (IFEFFIT) method. This method is also called as Fourier transform method. The Lytle, Sayers and Stern method and Levy’s method have been used for determination of bond lengths experimentally of the studied complexes. The results of both methods have been compared with theoretical IFEFFIT method. On comparing the results, the theoretical approach is also described in the present publication.


Open Access Original Research Article