2013 - Volume 3 [Issue 4]

Case study

Original Research Article

Electroluminescence from Single PVK Layer Organic Light Emitting Diode Using Different Dyes at Different Concentrations

Taher M. El-Agez, Sofyan A. Taya, Ahmed A. El Tayyan, Monzir S. Abdel-Latif, Ahed Afghjani

A Survey for some Special Curves in Isotropic Space I13

Alper Osman Ogrenmis, Mihriban Kulahci, Mehmet Bektas

Design and Optimization of a Wind System Using a Genetic Algorithm

Clarence Semassou, Gaston Edah, Antoine Vianou

Investigations into the Tectonic Faults on Magadi Geothermal Field Using Ground and Aeromagnetic Data

A. A. Komolafe, Z. N. Kuria, T. Woldai, M. Noomen, A. Y. B. Anifowose

Determination of the Optimum Design and Extraction Optics for a Glow Discharge Ion Source

F. W. Abdelsalam, M. M. Abdelrahman, B. A. Soliman, N. I. Basal

Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Docking Studies of Napthyl Substituted Di-Spiro Octahydroindolizine

R. Vishnu Priya, J. Suresh, S. Sivakumar, R. Ranjith Kumar, R. Sankaranarayanan

Peculiarities of Plasma Assisted Stearine Combustion

O. A. Nedybaliuk, O. V. Solomenko, V. Ya. Chernyak, E. V. Martysh, L. Yu. Vergun, I. V. Prysiazhnevych, S. G. Orlovska, I. I. Fedirchyk, T. E. Lisitchenko

Effect of Diurnal Changes on the Quality of Digital Images

Priti Rajput, Santoresh Kumari, Sandeep Arya, Parveen Lehana

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