Thermal Behaviour of Bone Cement in Hip Replacement

J. U. Ikekwem, J. L. Chukwuneke, S. N. Omenyi

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Calculation of Temporal Plasmas of XFEL Experiments with a Relativistic Collisional Radiative Average Atom Code

A. J. Benita

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An Analysis of Axial Couette Flow in Annular Region of Abruptly Stopped Pipes

V. Thirumaran, J. A. Weliwita, M. I. M. Ishak

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Energy Spectrum of the K-State Solutions of the Dirac Equation for Modified Eckart Plus Inverse Square Potential Model in the Presence of Spin and Pseudo-Spin Symmetry within the Framework of Nikifarov-Uvarov Method

H. Louis, A. I. Ikeuba, B. I. Ita, P. I. Amos, T. O. Magu, O. U. Akakuru, N. A. Nzeata

Page: 1-8
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Morphometric Studies of Pebbles from Ewen Area, Calabar Flank, Southeastern Nigeria: Implications for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction

Emmanuel Etim Okon, May Okah Asi, Romeo Akombi Ojong

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