Quantum Energy of a Particle in a Finite-potential Well Based Upon Golden Metric Tensor

I. I. Ewa, S. X. K. Howusu, L. W. Lumbi

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The Breaking of Symmetry in Gravitational Attraction and the Random Motion of a Hydrogen Gas Molecule

Choong Gun Sim

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MODFLOW’s River Package: Part 2: Correction, Combining Analytical and Numerical Approaches

Hubert J. Morel-Seytoux

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The Vacancy Energy in Metals: Cu, Ag, Ni, Pt, Au, Pd, Ir and Rh

T. H. Akande, F. Matthew-Ojelabi, G. S. Agunbiade, E. B. Faweya, A. O. Adeboje

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Water Balance Estimation Using Integrated GIS-Based WetSpass Model in the Birki Watershed, Eastern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Esayas Meresa, Abbadi Girmay, Amare Gebremedhin

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