Information’s Relativistic Convey with Matter Wave’s Non-Dispersive Propagation

Wang Xinye

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Numerical Study of the Performance of a Double-Insulated Barbecue Oven: Implication for Energy Savings and Thermal Comfort

Serge Wendsida Igo, Gaël Lassina Sawadogo, Drissa Ouedraogo, Abdoulaye Compaoré, David Namoano, Joseph Dieudonné Bathiébo

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The Study of the Ground State Properties of Heavy Famion System Using an Extended Kondo-Anderson Model in One Dimension

Okunzuwa I. Samuel, C. Okaro Augustine

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Design of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Darrieus Type (H- Darrieus Rotor) of 0.20 KW from the Software Topsolid

Hagninou E. V. Donnou, Drissa Boro, Donald Abode, Brunel Capo-Chichi, Aristide B. Akpo

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P-T-X and P-T-h Diagrams of the Working Pair H20/LiBr at Thermodynamic Equilibrium and Charts that Permit to Determine its Thermodynamic Properties

Yves Christian Nonguierma, Amadou Konfe, Dieudonné Joseph Bathiebo

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