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Super-Large-Scale Angle Cosmology: A New Science of the Universe

Yonghong Liu

Physical Science International Journal, Page 155-164
DOI: 10.9734/PSIJ/2015/14493

We discuss formation and determination forsuper-large-scale structure of the galaxies and universe. It is our intention to introduce the super-large-scale angle cosmological model, which involves a convex surface sector, cosmic angle, angle parameter, density parameter, angle parameter, and the “critical redshift.” This theory can solve the singularity problem. If the super-large-scale angle of the dark matter is greater than p, then it implies that our universe is a closeduniverse in curved space U. As a “bud” of this cosmic theory, the “Thread Big Bang” and the “tangent energy” ―these are two new clear hypotheses elucidated in the paper.


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Electron Diffraction Study of CuGaS2 Film

Mubariz Nuriyev

Physical Science International Journal, Page 165-171
DOI: 10.9734/PSIJ/2015/12881

In present work, the results of electron diffraction investigations of structures of amorphous thin films of CuGaS2have been given and function of radial distribution of atoms (FRDA) has been calculated. Appropriate coordination number n = 4,1  we obtained from calculating the area  under the first peak , also indicates tetrahedral surrounded by atoms of copper and gallium. During the deposition of this ternary compound on a substrate with T = 423-433 Kthe mixture of polycrystalline single crystal is formed. With the increase of temprature the intensivity of polycrystallines decreases and point reflections according to the monocrystal increases. Further increase of the substrate temperature to 453 K LiF leads to the formation of a perfect single crystal.

Superstructure phase CuGaS2 is orientedon (100) plane parallel to the faces LiF. During epitaxial growth on LiF CuGaS2 one unit cell superstructure is mated with four cells of the substrate. Between periods of lattices of the initial phase and superstructurethere are simple relations common with: a ≈ 3a0; c≈ 2c0. 


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Use Palm Oil as Alternative with Insulation Oil in High Voltage Equipment

M. M. Yaacob, Malik Abdulrazzaq Alsaedi

Physical Science International Journal, Page 172-178
DOI: 10.9734/PSIJ/2015/12790

Transformers have traditionally used mineral oil for cooling and insulation .The better compound material has to produce with good electrical and chemical characteristics. However, recent evidence has shown the deficiencies with these fluids where they have low properties especially flash and fire point and most importantly low dielectric breakdown voltage. The most serious of these shortcomings is the inability to meet up with the health and environmental laws. Besides, they are not organic and hence not biodegradable. In this paper, natural palm oil and its derivatives have been studied in attempt to find an environmental friendly insulating fluid. Samples such as crude and refined palm oils were electrically and chemically tested and comparisons were made with the mineral oil. Electrical tests such as the breakdown voltage, resistivity and dissipation factor were conducted. Besides that, chemical properties such as pour point, flash point, water content, density, kinematic viscosity, dissolved of gases and moisture content of the compound were also being investigated. Results from the laboratory studies have shown that the natural palm oil has better electrical and chemical characteristics as compared to the existing mineral oil for transformer insulation.

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Controllable Rogue Waves in the Generalized Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations

Jiuli Yin, Xingyu Feng

Physical Science International Journal, Page 179-188
DOI: 10.9734/PSIJ/2015/13972

We obtain the rogue waves with a controllable center in the generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation by using a direct method. The position of these solutions can be controlled by varying different center parameters. We study the effects of different parameters on rogue waves and hence find that the nonlinearity parameter is responsible for the width of rogue waves. With the increase of the nonlinearity parameter, the rogue wave becomes wider. What is more, the negative nonlinearity parameter can yield some singular rogue waves.


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Thermodestruction of Wastes Generated by Thermal Processing of Household Wastes: Thermal Study of the Equipment in Laminar Regime

Kalifa Palm, Kokou N’wuitcha, Serge Igo, Issaka Ouedraogo, Michel O. Zongo, Alioune Ouedraogo, Belkacem Zeghmati

Physical Science International Journal, Page 205-215
DOI: 10.9734/PSIJ/2015/14675

In this work, we conduct a thermal study on the installation of an incinerator of gas generated by the carbonization of household wastes. We used a forced and laminar flows, with Reynolds number ranging between 500 and 2,000. Beyond 2,000, in our simulation, computer programs are become more and more unstable, therefore showing that the regimen is no longer laminar. This combustion phenomenon is handled with Navier-Stokes equations, those on the energy and distribution of the species contained in smokes. Temperatures, around 650 K for a Reynolds number of 500, increase when this Reynolds number increases. Results show that the highest temperatures are near the walls of the incinerator. Given the quantity of energy released in these areas, thermal recovery is possible, but this must be properly done to minimize losses.