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A Study on the Application of Gamma Transmission Techniques on the Quality Control of Sandcrete Block

A. O. Ogunrotimi, M. Y. Onimisi, I. O. Okunade

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v21i130090

This study considered the setup of gamma transmission facility to develop a methodology for determining the amount of cement in sandcrete block. Twelve block samples was moulded in varying sand/cement ratio. The 12 samples each were measured both in volume, masses and density. Each of the samples went through a destructive test to determine the compressive strength via strength test machine. Also each of the sample went through a non destructive gamma ray transmission (GRT) test, where gamma count was taken both before and after crushing. The linear & mass attenuation co-efficient U & U (cm2/g) was determined by (1) The incident gamma ray intensity,(2) the attenuation gamma ray intensity and (3) the background intensity. We realized that the cement weight concentration against the mass attenuation co-efficient has a linear corelation of 0.97, while the compressive strength of the same samples against cement concentration also give a linear correlation of 0.96 except for lower cement values of 7.35 and 9.37wt% which deviates from the straight line. Its deduced that there is a remarkable relationship between mass attenuation coefficient, compressive strength and cement concentration, thus mass attenuation coefficient against compressive strength has a linear correlation of 0.985. Conclusively, it was noted that gamma transmission technique is non-destructive, fast and cost effective compared to the conventional method.

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Differences Between Two Weak Interaction Theories

E. Comay

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v21i130091

This paper analyzes differences between theoretical elements of the Standard Model electroweak theory and corresponding properties of a dipole-dipole weak interaction theory. The analysis relies on a number of self-evident criteria that are valid for quantum theories. The results demonstrate the  existence of fundamental errors in the electroweak theory and the advantage of the dipole-dipole weak interaction theory.

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Effects of Some Meteorological Parameters on Visibility in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

C. O. Nwokocha, C. U. Okujagu, P. I. Enyinna

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-11
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v21i130092

Effects of meteorological parameters of relative humidity and wind direction on visibility in the Niger Delta, Nigeria (4.15°N-7.17°N, 5.05°E-8.68°E) for a period of 31 years (1981-2012) have been investigated. The data on visibility, relative humidity and wind direction were obtained from Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) and National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) respectively. The visibility and meteorological data were analyzed to study the temporal variation of atmospheric visibility and its relationship with meteorological parameters in the region. The analysis was done using statistical techniques and the results show that cities in the Eastward (Calaber, Uyo and Port Harcourt) have more inverse correlation between Relative humidity and visibility while Westward cities (Owerri, Warri and Akure) are more directly correlated to visibility. Again it shows that visibility is more correlated with relative humidity in places of high hydrocarbon activities like Port Harcourt while it is better correlated with wind direction in places with less hydrocarbon activities like Akure.

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Outdoor Radon Measurements during 2018 in São José dos Campos, Brazil

Inacio M. Martin, Douglas C. Vilela

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v21i130093

During 2018 the intensity and its variation in time were monitored, every hour the presence of radon gas in two distinct points near each other in São José dos Campos, Brazil. One point was situated 25 meters high (ACA tower) and the other 3 meters high (ITA laboratory). Two identical RadonEye RD200 (ionization chamber) detectors were used calibrated in picoCurie/liter (pCi/l) or Bequerel/cubic meters (Bq / m3). These measurements indicate that there is always a (day/night) variation in the intensity of the local radon gas presence. With dry and hot periods, there is increasing in radon gas intensity. Intense rains during short period of time, there is also increasing in presence of the radon gas in that site. Fine and continuous rains provoke decrease in the presence of radon gas measured in the place. Comparisons between radon gas intensities per hour with gamma and neutron changes between (0-10) MeV of energy at the same time interval were observed.

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The Arbitrary l-state Solutions of the Hellmann Potential by Feynman Path Integral Approach

Nalan Kandirmaz

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-6
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v21i130094

In this study, we used the Path integral method to obtain the bound state solutions of the Hellmann potential. Firstly we analytically derived the radial kernel expression of the Hellmann potential using the approximation of the centrifugal term and space-time transformations. Then we calculated the exact energy spectrum and the normalized eigenfunction from the poles of the Green function and their residues. We expressed normalized wave functions in terms of Jacobi polynoms and Hypergeometric functions.