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Evaluation of Propagation Losses Due to Rain Attenuated Signal on Terrestrial Radio Links over Jos, Plateau State Nigeria

O. J. Igbekele, J. T. Zhimwang, E. P. Ogherohwo

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-8
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v23i130140

This paper presents the evaluation of propagation losses due to rain attenuated signal on   terrestrial radio link. Rain rate data were measured using Davis weather station for the months of July, August and October 2017 at (9.9565° N, 8.8583° E; 1258 meters) Jos Plateau state of Nigeria. The data were analyzed using Microsoft Excel application package. Results were calculated based ITU-Recommendation. The result for the month of July shows that rain   attenuated signals become more severe from rain rate of 90 mm/hr at 0.014% to 160 mm/hr at 0.002% with attenuation of 31.215dB and 105.951dB respectively. Also, the month of August shows that rain attenuated signals become more severe from rain rate of 70mm/hr at 0.017% to 200mm/hr at 0.002% with attenuation of 69.509dB and 108.324dB respectively. Furthermore, the month of October shows that rain attenuated signals become more severe from rain rate of 70mm/hr at 0.014% to 160 mm/hr at 0.004 with attenuation of 50.301dB and 135.336dB respectively. Therefore, results from this study revealed that rain attenuated signals on terrestrial radio links in Jos-Nigeria is more severe at higher rainfall rate (above 60 mm/hr) and lower exceeded frequency percentage of time (0.01% to 0.001%).

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Dilation of Time and Newton’s Absolute Time

Stefan Von Weber, Alexander Von Eye

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-20
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v23i130141

The Cosmic Membrane theory states that the space in which the cosmic microwave background radiation has no dipole is identical with Newton’s absolute space. Light propagates in this space only. In contrast, in a moving inertial frame of reference light propagation is in-homogeneous, i.e. it depends on the direction. Therefore, the derivation of the dilation of time in the sense of Einstein’s special relativity theory, i.e., together with the derivation of the length contraction under the constraint of constant cross dimensions, loses its plausibility, and one has to search for new physical foundations of the relativistic contraction and dilation of time. The Cosmic Membrane theory states also that light paths remain always constant independent on the orientation and the speed of the moving inertial frame of reference. Effects arise by the dilation of time. We predict a long term effect of the Kennedy-Thorndike experiment, but we show also that this effect is undetectable with today’s means. The reason is that the line width of the light sources hides the effect. The use of lasers, cavities and Fabry-Pérot etalons do not change this. We propose a light clock of special construction that could indicate Newton’s absolute time t0 nearly precisely.

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The Big Bang or the Conductivity of the Interstellar Space

Libor Neumann

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-23
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v23i130142

Based on the non-zero conductivity hypothesis of the interstellar space, an alternative cosmological model called “Knowledge spherocone“ is formulated. Its significant feature is the ultimate size of a scientifically recognizable universe. It also formulated the hypothesis of ageing light in interstellar space, and calculated the approximate value of skin depth of light in interstellar space. Part of the article is a discussion of the consistency of the formulated cosmological model with experimentally verified physical laws.The text is complemented by analyses of the Big Bang theory conflict with experimentally verified physical laws and internal inconsistencies of Big Bang theory.

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Advantages of the Mathematical Structure of a Dirac Fermion

E. Comay

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-10
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v23i130143

The mathematical structure of quantum field theories of first order and of second order partial differential equations is analyzed. Relativistic properties of the Lagrangian density and the dimension of its elements are examined. The analysis is restricted to elementary massive particles that are elements of the Standard Model of particle physics. In the case of the first order Dirac equation, the dimensionless 4-vector γµ and the partial 4-derivative ∂µ whose dimension is [L−1],
are elements of the mathematical structure of the theory. On the other hand, the mathematical structure of second order quantum equations has no dimensionless 4-vector which is analogous to γµ of the linear equation. It is proved that this deficiency is the root of inherent theoretical inconsistencies of second order quantum equations. Problems of the Klein-Gordon particle, the electroweak theory of the W±, Z particles and the Higgs boson theory are discussed.

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Numerical Solution of Two Dimensional Laplace’s Equation on a Regular Domain Using Chebyshev Differentiation Matrices

M. O. Durojaye, J. K. Odeyemi, I. J. Ajie

Physical Science International Journal, Page 1-7
DOI: 10.9734/psij/2019/v23i130144

This work presents an efficient procedure based on Chebychev spectral collocation method for computing the 2D Laplace’s equation on a rectangular domain. The numerical results and comparison of finite difference and finite element methods are presented. We obtained a satisfactory result when compared with other numerical solutions.