The Acorn Adjustments of Australian Temperatures are in the Wrong Direction

A. Parker *

School of Engineering and Physical Science, James Cook University, Townsville 4811 QLD, Australia

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


We previously discussed as the warming of Australia evidenced by the Australian Climate Observations Reference Network (ACORN) data set is artificially created by the arbitrary correction of the truly measured temperatures making cooler the temperatures of the past [1-4]. Gillham [5] has freshly brought to the attention of the scientific community two old data sets that further support our claim, proving once more how the ACORN corrections are wrongly set up to magnify the warming trend where actually they should rather cancel the urban heat island effect reducing the trend.


Keywords: Measured temperatures, corrected temperatures, ethics in science, scientific debate

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Parker, A. 2015. “The Acorn Adjustments of Australian Temperatures Are in the Wrong Direction”. Physical Science International Journal 6 (4):245-52.


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