Current-voltage Characteristic of Bridgeman-Stockbarger InGaSe2 Thin Films

E. M. Gojaev *

Azerbaijan Technical University, 25, Prospect Dzhavida, Baku, AZ-1000, Republic of Azerbaijan

P. F. Alieva

Azerbaijan Technical University, 25, Prospect Dzhavida, Baku, AZ-1000, Republic of Azerbaijan

N. S. Nabiev

Department of Physics, Baku State University, ul. Z. Khalilov, 23, Baku, AZ-1148, Republic of Azerbaijan

R. S. Rahimov

Department of Mathematics, Nature and Engineering Sciences and their Teaching Methods, Salyan Branch of Azerbaijan Teachers Institute, g.Salyany Street. B.Talybly 3, Republic of Azerbaijan

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The monocrystals InGaSe2  were grown by Bridgeman-Stockbarger method. The current-voltage characteristic was studied in the rectangular form samples of sizes 7x1x1 mm3. In and Cu served as contacts. The current supplying the ends of rectangular samples is oriented so that the current flows through the sample along the axis of the monocrystal InGaSe2. The current-voltage characteristic was investigated on direct current in static mode. Investigations of luminescence properties of the compound InGaSe2 were carried out by means of spectrofluormeter Cary Eslipse, the production of the firm Varian. Statistical current-voltage characteristic of InGaSe2 at different temperatures, temperature change of samples in the domain of negative incremental resistance, dependence of threshold voltage on temperature were studied. It was revealed that the given phase possesses switching properties, with memory and with decreasing the temperature, the value of the threshold voltage  increases, and as a result, the S-shaped  characteristic becomes strongly-pronounced. Change of the threshold voltage due to temperature change was analyzed. The spectrum of fluorescence of the compound InGaSe2 in the interval of wavelength 300-600 nm was studied, and it was revealed that given material is widely used in multifunctional electronic devices.


Keywords: Switching, X-ray analysis, thin films, S-shaped characteristic, threshold voltage, chain structure, fluorescence spectrum, InGaSe2 compounds

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M. Gojaev, E., P. F. Alieva, N. S. Nabiev, and R. S. Rahimov. 2015. “Current-Voltage Characteristic of Bridgeman-Stockbarger InGaSe2 Thin Films”. Physical Science International Journal 9 (1):1-7.


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