Impurity Bands and Density of State in Doped Silicate Glasses with Metal Oxides (RuO2, CuO, MnO2)

G. Abdurakhmanov *

National University of Uzbekistan Named after Mirzo, Ulugbek, Uzbekistan.

A. Dekhkanov

National University of Uzbekistan Named after Mirzo, Ulugbek, Uzbekistan.

M. Tursunov

National University of Uzbekistan Named after Mirzo, Ulugbek, Uzbekistan.

D. Tashmukhamedova

Tashkent State Technical University Named after Islam, Karimov, Uzbekistan.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


In this article, as a result of double alloying with ruthenium, copper, manganese oxides, the formation of an impurity band in silicate glass and how the density of electron states changes in it was studied by hypothetical and tunneling microprobe spectroscopy. The results of the experiment were processed using Wolfram Mathematica 11 software. It was found that around room temperature, the impurity band touches or merges with the valence band of the glass. At a high temperature (around 1000 K), the impurity band separates from the valence band of the glass, and a pseudo-gap appears between them. As a result, doped silicate glass exhibits metallic conductivity at room temperature, but at high temperatures, it has semiconductor (activation) conductivity.

Keywords: Pseudo-gap, thick film resistors, ligature atoms, impurity zone, electrical conductivity, tunneling spectroscopy, thermopower coefficient, insulator-metal, metal-insulator transitions.

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Abdurakhmanov, G., A. Dekhkanov, M. Tursunov, and D. Tashmukhamedova. 2023. “Impurity Bands and Density of State in Doped Silicate Glasses With Metal Oxides (RuO2, CuO, MnO2)”. Physical Science International Journal 27 (6):5-15.


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